Take Your Patent Prosecution to the Next Level with These Recently Released Enhancements to LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

July 20, 2016 Reed Tech IP Solutions

The latest enhancements released to PatentAdvisor™ will enable you to:

  • Conduct improved search analysis on your own firm or external counsel with name normalization
  • Perform complex searches such as: Alice AND (Mayo OR Myriad) with improved Boolean search capabilities
  • Bill back PatentAdvisor usage to your clients through option of forced client/matter# input on entry
  • Better identify desirable art units with additional data that reflects changes in time, which is particularly important for art units affected by Alice

Normalized Law Firm Name Integration

This change will greatly improve your ability to perform analysis on yourself (if you are a law firm) or on your external counsel (if you are a company).

Searching for a law firm in the law firm box will deliver a results list that includes:

  • Normalized data
  • Standardized data
  • Raw data

You can make a briefcase with any combination of these entities, or click on the “law firm details” link to immediately view the dashboard for one of the “raw” entities.


Additionally, QuickPAIR now lists normalized, standardized and raw law firm names for each case:


Improved Boolean Search

  • PatDocSearch now supports searches involving more than one Boolean operator
  • You can now perform complex searches; the use of parenthesis for complex Boolean searches is recommended.
  • To help you avoid confusion, suggested search terms and operators are included in the tool.



Track Usage with Forced Client/Matter#

If you want to “bill back” your PatentAdvisor usage to your clients, you can now force a client/matter # each time you log into PatentAdvisor. This can be set up for all customers or just select customers. The client/matter number for each session appears in the usage report for easy tracking.


Log in and try out these new features now!

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