Improve Patent Prosecution Strategy with Unique USPTO Insight

July 13, 2015 Reed Tech IP Solutions

Is your internal process of shepherding patent applications from filing through to approval driven by intuition and trial and error rather than actionable data and insight?

The IP team at one innovative medical device company identified that navigating patent applications through the USPTO was largely viewed as opaque and outside the control of the IP team, enough to negatively impact timely submissions and compliance with IDS requirements. The NuVasive®, Inc. intellectual property team needed to understand why certain patent applications were taking longer than others to reach allowance so they could more accurately advise their business counterparts regarding the timing of patent protection for each new product, as well as devise strategies to increase efficiency.

“It was an opaque process,” said Jonathan Spangler, Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel for NuVasive. “At a critical moment, we would often get bogged down inside the USPTO. I knew it didn’t have to be that way. We needed something to provide us with operational intelligence and clarity.”

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Much of the company’s competitive advantage derives from the speed of its innovation, making intellectual property protection a critical component of its success. After implementing LexisNexis® PatentAdvisorSM, which offers continuously updated data from the full USPTO database of filings, the NuVasive IP department finally had access to hard data that could be used to formulate better strategic prosecution decisions.

LexisNexis® PatentAdvisorSM has brought several immediate benefits to NuVasive:

  • Clarity and greater certainty around ROI: When to appeal, when to request an interview and even when to conclude that abandonment is the best business decision for a given application
  • Ongoing actionable intelligence: Strategic planning integrated into the IP staff daily workflow
  • Comprehensive overviews of specific data sets: The ability to create detailed customized analysis with PatentAdvisor Briefcases

Read more about the NuVasive business situation and the patent data intelligence tool that has enabled an informed approach to patent prosecution strategy by downloading the case study here:

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