Why the Heads of Leading Companies Invest in IP

September 23, 2015 Reed Tech IP Solutions

Why Leaders Love Patents - You Should Too

Patents form the basis of a global economic market. The top 10 U.S. patent filing organizations alone invested $62 billion in R&D efforts in 2014. Clearly the leaders of these companies—often technology-driven—see the value in investing in innovation, but how are they ensuring that they can continue to increase their patent portfolios without significantly running up costs on applications that don’t get approved?

Reed Tech Chief Information Officer and VP of Content Operations Dave Ballai recently addressed the cost of innovation in his post “Why Leaders Love Patents – You Should Too.” 

“Obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights is no longer optional,” says Ballai, “it is a strategic necessity for business.” Do you agree? Feel free to chime in on the discussion on LinkedIn.

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