50 Days Before I/LS/LS UDI Compliance Date

September 4, 2015 Andrew Pfeifer

Although the FDA recently extended the compliance date for the submission of Implantable, Life-Supporting and Life-Sustaining device UDI records by one month to October 24, 2015, that leaves just fifty days for affected labelers to finish the process.

Just last week, we were contacted by an employee of a I/LS/LS device company whose UDI compliance program was not going according to plan. His question for us was, “Is it too late to ask for help from Reed Tech to meet the deadline?” This week, he is back on track to achieving compliance by October 24.

If your company markets I/LS/LS devices in the U.S., have you successfully submitted yourUDI records to the GUDID? If not, do you have a solid plan for full compliance in the next fifty days?

It is not too late to ask for help. Just contact us by clicking the button below. Reed Tech experts have successfully submitted over 59,000 UDI records to the GUDID and have ten years of experience helping Life Sciences companies achieve compliance through electronic submissions to the FDA. We will be happy to show you how to cross the finish line in time.

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